Sexual Assault

Template Materials for Anonymous Reporting

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Our friends at EVAW have some new resources for their Forensic Compliance project. You can head over to their website for a variety of tools and materials, but what’s particularly exciting are the new template materials for anonymous sexual assault reporting. I know a lot of folks are struggling with this issue in their communities, so definitely check these out.

They’re even broken down into states with and without medical mandated reporting statutes, which is fantastic.

From the site:

“We have developed a set of templates to help communities implement a multidisciplinary protocol for victims to anonymously report their sexual assault to law enforcement.  These documents are posted in Word format, so they can be easily modified for use in communities across the country.  Questions are highlighted in yellow that will need to be addressed to adapt the materials.  You will also need to revise the wording to reflect the unique structure of your multidisciplinary community protocol.  In other words, these materials represent only the “starting point.”  They can be tailored based on the specific agencies, laws, resources, and other unique factors in your community environment.”