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Friday Wrap-Up

It’s been lovely being at home this week. Next week, back on the road, first to celebrate NSVRC’s 10th anniversary (hope to see some of you there!) and then on to DC to get some serious work done before (dare I say it) a bit of vacation in the Colorado Rockies. Before I sign off for the weekend, an update for the SAFE Virtual Practicum from IAFN. The Update will allow you to use the Practicum in Instructor mode as a teaching tool, so I highly recommend getting the download. If you already own a copy, it’s free. Instructions after the jump:

Instructions for updating to Virtual Practicum 1.5

This new update is Windows 7 compliant and adds a set new features that make it easy for an instructor to use the program in a group or classroom setting.

Note: These instructions are for those with an existing installation of the original Virtual Practicum program on their computer and who want to update to the latest version.

Step 1: Start the program normally (from the Start menu). When the program asks you to install a new update please do so. Your update will be downloaded and then installed.

Step 2: Start up the Practicum again. The program will ask you if you wish to update again. This is normal, and part two of the “double update” process. There will be a screen that warns you that this update is significantly larger than the previous one. Please proceed. There is a progress bar for both the download and the installation, but please allow up to 30 – 45 minutes on a relatively fast internet connection for the entire part of step two to complete.

Warning: If at any time the update process is interrupted, the program may become corrupted and you may need to reinstall the Virtual Practicum and update again.

Step 3: After the update is complete, please start the program once more. As a student not many things about the program will have changed. Any prior progress through the program will be preserved. As an instructor there is a whole new interface for using the program. Feel free to explore. New teaching movies and instructions will be available in the coming weeks. They will be available through IAFN.


Other items from the week:

Hope it’s a fantastic weekend for you all. A very happy father’s day to those of you celebrating. I’ll be commemorating it with a shift at the hospital…and hopefully some quality with a few of the amazing men in my life.