Elder Abuse/Neglect

Nursing Response to Elder Mistreatment

IAFN has released a curriculum for educators, Nursing Response to Elder Mistreatment. “The goal of this course is to help nurses acquire essential knowledge and skills to appropriately respond to elder mistreatment. This course prepares nurses to integrate nursing and forensic sciences into the care of vulnerable older adults who have been mistreated or are at high risk for mistreatment by trusted others.”

You can see the course outline with objectives here (DOC). The curriculum can be downloaded in its entirety (DOC), or in individual modules:

Module 1:       Introduction to the Course

Module 2:       Demographics of Aging

Module 3:       Scope and Nature of Elder Mistreatment

Module 4:       Laws and Policies Related to Elder Mistreatment

Module 5:       Ethical Issues in Elder Mistreatment Cases

Module 6:       Screening and Assessment for Elder Mistreatment

Module 7:       Assessing Patients for Signs of Elder Mistreatment

Module 8:       Multidisciplinary Team Approaches to Elder Mistreatment

Module 9:       Forensic Evidence in Elder Mistreatment Cases

Module 10:    Photo-Documentation in Elder Mistreatment Cases

Module 11:    Documentation in Elder Mistreatment Cases

Module 12:    Discharge and Care Transition Planning in Elder Mistreatment Cases

*Note: Each module includes an Instructor’s Manual, Participant
Materials and a Slide Presentation.