A Little Light Reading While I’m on Vacation

Gang, in a few hours I will be boarding a flight to my happy place, the mountains of Colorado. And I have actually taken the rest of the week off–through the holiday, in fact. So I am going to try something out here–I’m not going to work while on vacation. This is tough for me. But it would be *really* good for me to take a couple days for myself, so I will not be posting again for the rest of the week. In the meantime, you’ll find some interesting reading after the jump (most from this week). And when I return, look for a brand new Articles of Note and maybe even a new giveaway.

What Does it Mean that Al Gore’s Accuser Saved Her Pants? (The Sexist)

City Will Revise Gun Law After Supreme Court Ruling (Chicago Tribune)

City Rape Statistics, Investigations Draw Concerns (Baltimore Sun)

Justice Misses Deadline for New Prison Rape Rules (The Hill)

Arizona Law Compounds Immigrant Women’s Vulnerability (Huffington Post)

“No to Violence Against Women” Summit Points to Economics (Huffington Post)

Have a safe and colorful 4th, everyone!