DV/IPV Elder Abuse/Neglect Sexual Assault

Sexual and Domestic Violence in Later Life

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that NSVRC had a collection on sexual violence in later life. Now, VAWNet has an expanded collection on sexual and domestic violence in later life that’s worth checking out. Aside from an overview and a look at some of the current research, there are also a variety of training materials available in the collection, and some healthcare specific resources, as well.

Collection Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Defining Elder Abuse
  • Elder Abuse: Including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault & stalking
  • ***Overview and dynamics
  • ***Research
  • ***Cultural Considerations
  • Preventing and responding to domestic & sexual violence in later life
  • ***Older persons, family members, friends, caregivers, and bystanders
  • ***Domestic & sexual violence advocates
  • ***Health care professionals
  • ***Aging Network and Adult Protective Services
  • ***Justice Professionals
  • ***Faith Communities
  • ***Long-Term or Residential Care Facilities
  • ***Collaboration/Coordinated Community Response
  • Training Materials
  • Laws & Public Policy
  • National Organizations Addressing Abuse in Later Life
  • Bibliographies: Available Journal Articles on Abuse in Later Life