Child Abuse

Child Protection: Abuse Detection, Genital Mutilation & More

I’m back from Seoul (14 hours in coach–ugh), and although it was a truly amazing week, I’m glad to be back in the office this week, if only for a minute. There’s much to post on, starting with a couple interesting podcasts from ReachMD. They appear to be doing a series on child health issues, and I’m including a couple notables here that might be relevant to your practice.

The first one is a general podcast on child abuse: detection and reporting. Probably redundant for many of you, but a good overview if you’re trying to get your residents, primary care or ED colleagues up to speed, or maybe just get folks a bit of a refresher. The second (and more interesting to me) podcast is on protecting girls from genital mutilation and circumcision. This is particularly fascinating since the AAP has been (rightly) catching quite a bit of heat over their revised stance on this issue (for more on what their members think, check out a smattering of letters to the editor over at Pediatrics).

Lastly, check out a podcast on sex, secrets and teenage girls, which no doubt tracks with what many of us are seeing in our practices. As mama bear to a girl cub, I’ll be listening to this one for sure:

All parents want to make sure their teenage daughters are well-informed about issues related to sex, but how do advanced practice clinicians make sure teens are comfortable about their sexuality as they move into adulthood? Certified nurse midwife Evelyn Resh, director of women’s health and sexuality counseling at Miraval Resorts, Tucson, Arizona, joins host Mimi Secor to talk about giving girls the knowledge and information they need to make healthy decisions about sex. They also discuss the impact that mothers have on their daughters’ body image, and new sexual issues facing girls today.

The beauty of the ReachMD podcasts is that they’re free and can be listened to online OR downloaded for later review. All that’s required is site registration, also free.