Physician Expert Testimony

Medscape has an interesting CME case study on physician expert testimony. And when I say interesting, I mean that it touches on a couple issues (albeit briefly) that are relevant to anyone providing this service, physician or nurse. Specifically, it touches on the notion that expert testimony should be subject to peer review, and that professional organizations have a responsibility to ensure that their members provide quality testimony. The article actually refers to case law that supports this, although I’m not certain the authors don’t overstate their case just a bit on this point.

We’ve talked informally about this issue for a long time, but the case law is news to me. It’s worth a read, though, and I found a nice summary by the AMA on this case that look at some of the ethical issues related to expert testimony. It would make a great discussion at a staff or chapter meeting.

As always, Medscape CME offerings are free, but require site registration.