Sexual Assault

Victim-Centered: What Does It Mean?

MNCASA’s Sexual Violence Justice Institute is hosting a webinar September 27th, from 12-1:30 CT– Victim-Centered: We’ve Heard the Term, But What Does It Mean? This is the 3rd part of their series,¬†Beyond Protocols: How SARTs Can Influence the Justice-Making Process for Sexual Assault Victims/Survivors. You can register for the session here.

From the site:

The third webinar in our series will explore what it means to design a victim-centered response. A full spectrum, victim-centered approach broadens our work from being case focused to one that includes the human and cultural needs of the victim/survivor so that surviving the system isn’t harder than surviving the sexual assault. Research demonstrates that when the victim/survivor is upheld, the criminal justice system performs better and victims report feeling a greater sense of justice.

The term victim-centered is used in different contexts by multidisciplinary teams. In practice what does it mean and how can teams engage in conversations and build action around the concept? How does the individual perspective or the role of the responder impact victim-centered practices? We will explore ways in which teams can engage around the topic and will also include perspectives and insights from active members on Minnesota multidisciplinary teams.