Sexual Assault

The Line

Women’s eNews and NSVRC are co-hosting a live viewing of Nancy Schwartzman’s film, The Line, in NYC next week. The viewing will be held November 10th from 6-8pm at the Women’s eNews HQ (6 Barclay St., 6th Floor). In addition to the live viewing, which will feature several speakers, alongside the film’s director, Women’s eNews is live streaming the entire event, including the film. The event (either live or streaming) is free of charge. To RSVP for the live event, send an email to

I have actually seen this film. I enjoyed it, and the dialogue it generated after the viewing in a Q&A session with the director, very much. However (and this was a big issue for me), I was pretty concerned about the portrayal of prosecutors and the criminal justice system. I fully recognize the criminal justice system isn’t the avenue for everyone, and it is imperfect to be sure, but I have worked with enough committed and victim-focused prosecutors (including my partner) to know it’s not as hopeless as one of the people interviewed in the film makes it out to be.

If you’ve seen it, I’m curious what your thoughts are. Drop me a note or stick a comment in the box.