Forensic Nurses Week is 11/8-12

Next week is Forensic Nurses Week. It is, without question, a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your team or reach out to the media for a bit of publicity about all the good work you and your colleagues do. If you need some assistance with a press release or other activities, IAFN has made it extremely easy.

You can find templates for both general and community-specific press releases here. You can also download the graphic (as seen in this post) for your website or Facebook page, find templates for emails to policy makers, and much more, all over at IAFN’s Forensic Nurses Week page. My only complaint about the whole week is the designated color–it’s lilac and I look like puke in lilac. However, I’ll be commemorating the week amongst friends: 1st with a course up in Maine for clinicians and their collaborative partners, and ending the week with a talk at the OH chapter of the IAFN’s annual forensic nursing conference. Should be a great time.

In the meantime, working and transitioning this week to my new digs in DC, where I’ll also get to spend the weekend before jetting off. Looking forward to a bit of downtime. Hope it’s a relaxing weekend for you, too!