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Transgender Youth Survivors: Understanding, Serving, Celebrating

WCSAP is hosting a webinar December 16th from 11-12:15 pm PT, Transgender Youth Services: Understanding, Serving, Celebrating. The session will be led by Michael Munson and Loree Cook-Daniels of FORGE. The session is free; register for it here.

From the site:

This interactive and fast-paced webinar will encourage participants to expand their transgender vocabulary and conceptual framework(s).  Attendees will increase their ability to fluidly and respectfully interact with and serve transgender survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones.  Topics will include prevalence rates of sexual violence, barriers to accessing services, unique issues facing transgender youth survivors, and considerations for service providers.  Participants will leave with practical steps that will assist them in modifying existing policies and procedures, identifying and lowering barriers to service, and improving effective services to transgender youth survivors and loved ones.


1.  Expanded transgender vocabulary and conceptual framework

2.  Deepened understanding of prevalence rates and barriers to accessing care for transgender youth survivors

3.  Ability to list at least 3 ways of improving service delivery to transgender survivors

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Thanks for passing this along… don’t see a lot of this patient population, but when I do, I sure wish I had more education and more resources to provide them! Great topic!

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