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This week, several new sexual violence-related campaigns have come across my desk–actually, across my Facebook page, which is far better organized than my desk. I thought I’d take a minute to share them, as they are all very different, but very thought-provoking. The first comes from our friends at EVAW, who have launched their Start By Believing campaign (PDF of the press release here; Facebook page here). “Start by Believing is a public awareness campaign uniquely focused on the public response to sexual assault. Because a friend or family member is typically the first person a victim confides in after an assault, each individual‘s personal reaction is the first step in a long path toward justice and healing. Knowing how to respond is critical—a negative response can worsen the trauma and foster an environment where sexual assault predators face zero consequences for their crimes.”

The 2nd one comes from our colleagues in Edmonton, Canada: the “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign, which specifically addresses alcohol facilitated sexual assault. How fantastic are their posters?

(Courtesy: Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton)

Finally, a different type of campaign, this one from Just Detention International. They’re sponsoring a holiday message writing campaign for survivors of prison rape, to help combat some of the isolation survivors frequently express. You can send your own online message to a survivor here. “Every day, JDI hears from survivors of sexual abuse who are still behind bars and still struggling, alone, to heal. This holiday season, please join JDI in sending holiday cards to survivors to remind them that they have not been forgotten. Simply click below and JDI will make sure your card gets to a prisoner rape survivor who could use some hope and encouragement.”

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This is a fabulous campaign! Refreshing to see people acting on effective research strategies and not being uptight about it. Thanks for posting!

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