Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

I’m off to the 216, and then on to Pittsburgh for the week, but before I go, here’s a cool offering: Facebook DC Live is hosting a session on internet safety and digital citizenship. Cynthia Fraser, Technology Safety Specialist at NNEDV, will be one of the speakers. It will be held February 9th at 2pm, and it’s only 30 minutes, so a very workable session. It’s not specific to our work (it’s meant for a lay audience)–those of you who are parents might also find it very useful.

From the site:

Join Family Online Safety Institute Manager for Legal & Policy Jennifer Hanley and Cynthia Fraser, Technology Safety Specialist at the National Network to End Domestic Violence, for a wide-ranging discussion about how parents, teachers, and peers can help non-profits and industry cultivate a safe and trusted Internet experience for people of all ages.

You can go directly to the session here.