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Misconduct and Abuse by Faith Leaders

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The FaithTrust Institute has a fascinating webinar September 7th at 11am PT–Misconduct and Abuse by Faith Leaders: An International Conversation. A description of the session after the jump:

From the site:

The problem of misconduct and sexual abuse by Christian clergy and lay leaders knows no national boundaries.  Wherever the church has gone, it has taken not only the good news of the Gospel but also the bad news of misuse of power by some of those who have been given the roles of leadership.

In recent years, courageous survivors of abuse in Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox churches have come forward to confront our churches with this long-standing secret.  We can no longer deny that the numbers of church leaders engaged in misconduct and abuse are significant (although a minority) and the damage stretches beyond individual victims to the whole church.

This Roundtable conversation includes church leaders from Australia, Canada, Norway, South Africa, and the U.S.  We have all been engaged in addressing clergy misconduct in our churches for a number of years.  We will share our understandings and insights from our particular experiences in our national contexts.  What do we see?  What have we learned?  What has changed, for better or for worse?

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