Women and Children with HIV/AIDS

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Although not specific to forensic clinical issues, HIV/AIDS is important to understand–not just in terms of exposure, but also in terms of the realities for our patients who have been diagnosed. The National Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center has a really well-done tutorial, Women and Children with HIV/AIDS, that’s worth completing. And best of all, it has 2 CEUs attached to it (which can be purchased for $11).

From the site:

This tutorial on Woman and Children with HIV/AIDS (69 minutes) is designed as an introduction to the complex issues associated with HIV/AIDS among women and children in the United States. It is intended to provide participants with a better understanding of the prevalence, nature and impact of HIV/AIDS on this population, as well as treatment and intervention.  It examines HIV/AIDS in a medical, psychosocial, parenting, and legal context.  The tutorial also reviews various interventions and federal programs to support women, families, and children affected by HIV/AIDS. Download the tutorial references [PDF].