Sexual Assault

Advancing Sexual Health

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Just back from Italy where I spent a most magical week away from pretty much everything (no work email, no texting, no cell phone, no Twitter, no Facebook–and only once a day checking my personal email so I didn’t become completely unhinged). While I was away, several things showed up in my various accounts I wanted to share, including this:

CDC  just released their final report, A Public Health Approach to Advancing Sexual Health in the United States: Rationale and Options for Implementation (PDF). Not only does it look at issues related to STIs and HIV, but it also includes some sexual violence components, as well. And we’re talking about sexual health across the lifespan, including LGBTIQ and military populations, which makes it a particularly interesting read. It’s another supporting document in the ” sexual violence is a public health issue” argument we have been making for years. Although it’s about the US agenda, there are some very global leanings to this report, too.

BTW, not a terribly long read, and thoroughly, well, readable in the way it’s broken down, so spend a few minutes with it if you’re able.