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Healthy Relationship Twitter Town Hall

I love this: Wednesday, October 19th, at 3pm ET NRCDV and VAWnet are hosting a healthy relationship Twitter Town Hall (PDF). Many of us will be in Montreal for the Scientific Assembly, but it would be great to see IAFN members take part in this event. Not sure how this even works? More info after the jump…

From the announcement:

Why this topic? 

At this year’s DELTA Grantee Meeting in Atlanta (hosted by the CDC), participants were talking about promoting healthy relationships among youth. The discussion moved to the common challenge we all face in our prevention work with youth – how can we talk about “healthy relationships” in a way that is accessible and relatable? This 30 minute Twitter Town Hall event creates an opportunity to continue this discussion! Please join us.

Twitter? Oh, my.

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, perhaps this is the perfect reason to check it out. Simply go to and set up an account. For a helpful infographic and detailed slideshow on How to Use Twitter, visit There are many domestic violence organizations on Twitter who you can follow. See the following page for recommendations to start building your network. To participate in this Twitter Town Hall, log in to at the date and time above, and do a search for #reachyouth. You’ll be able to tweet your comments by adding this hash tag (or #) to your posts. For additional support or questions related to this event, contact Kenya Fairley (NRCDV) at or Casey Keene (VAWnet) at

Who Should I Follow?

There are many violence against women advocates and allies participating in the Twitter community. Below are a handful of suggestions to get you started.