IAFN Annual Scientific Assembly

I am heading to Montreal this morning for one of the highlights of my year: the IAFN Annual Scientific Assembly. I hope to see many of you there. Please come find me and let me know you’re a reader (along with suggestions and comments, since feedback for ways to improve the site is always welcome). For those of you not able to make it, I will try and tweet updates from the Assembly as much as possible. I encourage others to do so, as well. If you do, please include #IAFN and #FHO in your tweet.

Looking forward to a week with so many friends. And looking forward to meeting more FHO readers in person, something I’m fortunate enough to be able to do just about everywhere I go–but nowhere more so than at the Assembly.

(BTW, looking for transportation options to the Hyatt once you arrive in Montreal? Find it after the jump.)

From a member already in Montreal, posted on the IAFN Community site:

” I am here now and the best way to get here is the 747 Express Bus.  You can get the pass and the bus right at the airport.  The cost is $8 for a day, or $16 for a 3 day pass.  Or you can buy a week for $22 plus a $6 fee for a total of $28.  The best deal is the $28 pass.  The pass also allows unlimited use of the Metro which is a great way to get around.

Travel from the airport is about 40 minutes.  You need to get off at stop #7.  You can then walk to the Hyatt Regency hotel.  It’s 2 blocks.”

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update from Kim Day today…. Express Bus is NOT running. Take a taxi…. flat rate of 38 CAD. Safe travels everyone!

Response from Jen: actually the 747 bus is running and a great option.

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