Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health

There is a relatively new National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health, and wouldn’t you know it–they’re offering some webinars. They’re nice enough to archive them, too, so there are several now available for listening.

Currently archived:

What is trauma informed work and why should we care?

From the site:

Trauma Informed Work is becoming a new focus for many federal programs that offer tribal grants for the prevention and response to violence against Native women. Learn more about what Trauma Informed Work actually is, and how we can incorporate it into the work and services of tribal DV/SA programs and shelters.

Understanding trauma and mental health in the context of domestic violence

From the site:

This webinar will provide advocates with an integrated framework for responding to trauma and mental health in the context of domestic violence. It will also include a brief overview of research on domestic violence, trauma, mental health, and substance abuse; information on the impact of trauma on development and the brain; and recommendations for policy and practice. This webinar is geared towards advocates and organizations working with survivors of domestic violence but is open to all.

 Trauma-informed reflective practice

From the site:

This Webinar provides an advanced discussion of the challenges and benefits of adopting a strengths-based reflective way of providing services to survivors of domestic violence. The objective is to further explore issues of staff support, agency management, and self-care for staff and leaders in domestic violence programs.

In harm’s way: Substance use and safety issues in the context of violence against women

From the site:

This Webinar explores the complex issues facing women who experience multiple forms of trauma (e.g., domestic violence, sexual assault, substance abuse) from a feminist perspective. Empowering strategies to provide advocacy, safety planning, and support will be discussed.