Sexual Assault

How SART Teams Discuss Sexual Assault Cases

MNCASA, through its Sexual Violence Justice Institute, is hosting a webinar, What Can We Talk About? How SART Teams Discuss Sexual Assault Cases. The session will be held April 23rd from 12-1:30pm CDT. This is a great topic for discussion–see a complete webinar description after the jump.

From the site:

Protocols or not, the complexity of responding to incidents of sexual assault ensures that gaps, changes, or emerging problems will continually arise and need to be addressed. Problem solving can and should be a team building process. Specific case examples of more and less effective responses are useful tools to help teams design improved responses.   At the same time, there are legal, political, and safety implications for how teams go about these conversations. This webinar will discuss at least three approaches to how teams might learn from cases (system consultation, case review, and case management) with consideration for these factors. The purpose, process, and potential outcome of each approach will be covered along with examples of how SART teams have been using them.