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Survey on Abuse of People With Disabilities

The Disability and Abuse Project is asking people to complete their survey. From their call for participants:

This is the first national survey of its kind — one that focuses on incidents of, response to, and attitudes about, abuse or crime victimization of children and adults with disabilities.

(Click through to read more about the survey)

The purpose of the survey is to seek input from the public, especially from persons with disabilities or those who interact with them, such as family members, caregivers, service providers, and advocates. Our intention is not to create a scientific research project, but rather a robust survey, the results of which may be used for research, education, and advocacy.

We also invite those who investigate or respond to complaints of abuse to take the survey, such as social workers, administrative agencies, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, SANEs and victim assistance program personnel.

The survey, which takes just a few minutes to complete, gathers information about actual incidents of abuse as well as attitudes regarding the adequacy and effectiveness, or not, of official responses to such victimization.

The results will be shared with those who shape public policy and fund abuse-response programs (legislators), those who investigate and prosecute complaints of abuse (law enforcement), those who promote more effective protection and response systems (nonprofit advocacy groups), and most importantly, people with disabilities and their families.

You can participate in the survey here.


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Thanks very much for providing the link to this survey. I’ve passed it ‘up the ladder’ to administrators in my state’s disabled adults investigative and protective service agencies. I’d encourage other subscribers to do the same so that the results may be all the better informed.

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