Sexual Assault

SART Evaluation

One of my favorite questions to ask colleagues when we do a testimony training is, How do you know what you know? (followed closely by, Why do you do what you do?). In fact, I’ll ask those questions several times today in Kansas. So you can imagine my intrigue when I saw this webinar announcement in my inbox last night: What do you want to know and how would you find out? A fine question…

MNCASA’s Sexual Violence Justice Institute is hosting this webinar, June 25th from 12-1:30 CT. It’s geared toward SART evaluation, which may be exactly what some of you are looking for as you struggle with determining things like measures of success. A description from the site:

Members and leaders of sexual assault response teams want to know if and how the team’s efforts are making a difference. Is the team making progress towards better outcomes for victim survivors during the course of a sexual assault case? Many teams struggle with designing processes and activities that will measure their progress. This webinar help teams figure out:

“What do you want to know and how would you find out”

We will provide team leadership and members with a framework for assessing the team’s progress and impact at different stages of a team’s work together. For example: What are the ways you would find out if key parts of your protocols are being used in practice? In what ways are your efforts improving outcomes for victims? This presentation will use practical examples of how a team might implement an evaluative process, as well as how a team can use what it has learned in order to improve future practice.  Attention will be given to team stage of development and the context. Please join us for this presentation that’s designed to help make the evaluative process more accessible to you and your team.

You can register here.