Violence *is* a Public Health Issue

The immense frustration I feel at this story of one southern governor who feels that anti-violence programs don’t need a line item in the Department of Health’s budget because sexual and domestic violence programs “distract” from the public health mission is difficult to articulate…

In case anyone isn’t clear about the connection between violence and health, or is needing some resources helping to make that connection, please start with some of the following sites:

FHO previous posts here, here, and here; plus this and this clinical guide (sorry, I know that’s obnoxious, but I didn’t want to write out the full titles.)

NSVRC: Health and Sexual Violence Online Resource Collection

CDC:  Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

CDC: Costs of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in the United States

CDC: Understanding Intimate Partner Violence Fact Sheet (PDF)

And a free full-text article to peruse:

Mt Sinai J Med. 2011 May-Jun;78(3):449-57.

Confronting intimate partner violence: a global health priority.

Chibber KS, Krishnan S.

(If you are looking for a bibliography on violence and it’s impact on health, let me know and we can make that happen, too.)





  1. November 30, -0001 | 12:00 am

    Judy Benitez

    I hadn’t heard about this and was surprised to find the southern governor in question is a woman. I know we shouldn’t assume things based on traits like gender, but I still find it somehow more disheartening that this lack of vision, comprehension, and compassion regarding violence against women is coming from a woman.

  2. November 30, -0001 | 12:00 am


    Amen, Judy.

  3. November 30, -0001 | 12:00 am

    Barb Bachmeier


    If you could provide a bibliography on Violence and it’s impact on health that would be great.

    Myself and a social worker are developing a curriculm tailored after the curriculum from “Futures without violence” Improving Health Care’s response to DV. Dean Hawley will be one of the speakers and is helping us locate other funding. It is now an 11 week 40 hour we hope to launch to our organization employees May-June 2013.

    We want to develop a comprehensive bibliography for this course.

    Thanks Jen,

    Barb Bachmeier RN, NP-C, MSN, JD
    Forensic Nurse examiner
    Emergency Department
    IU Health- Methodist Hospital
    Indianapolis, IN

  4. November 30, -0001 | 12:00 am


    No problem, Barb. I’ll get that updated and over to you.