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End of Year Continuing Education Credits, Part I

If you’re looking at your licensure and certification requirements and realizing you need to garner some additional CE hours before the end of the year, here are some ideas for  credits that are $25 or less. All have some forensic healthcare application, whether directly or as related to patient education, discharge planning, etc. I’ll be back with Part II later in the week.


AAP Policy Statement: Emergency Contraception for Teens (CE/CME, free)

New Tips for Pediatric Pain Management in the Emergency Department (CE/CME, free)

New Guidelines Issued on Cervical Cancer Screening (CE/CME, free)

Safety of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (CE/CME, free)

CDC Issues Interim Guidelines on HIV Prophylaxis for Heterosexual Adults (CE/CME, free)

CDC: New Recommendations for Treating Gonorrhea (CE/CME, free)

HIV Prophylaxis Successful Before and After Exposure (CE/CME, free)*

Adolescent Dating Violence (CE, $10)

Domestic Violence Awareness for Healthcare Professionals (CE, $22)

Evidence Collection and Preservation in a Healthcare Setting (CE, $10)

Forensic Nursing and School Shooters (CE, $15)

Meth Abuse (CE, $10)

Sexual Assault and Rape: The Nursing Role (CE, $10)

Protect Yourself: Know Your Nurse Practice Act (CE, free)

Promoting Healing for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and their Families (CE, free)

*You can purchase unlimited CEs from this site for $44.95



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