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I am mired in bureaucracy today. The kind of head-shaking, migraine-inducing, make-you-feel-kind-of-stabby bureaucracy that causes me to wonder,  how is it possible that we as a people are able to get anything done? I ran across this quote, which I thought rather apt: “Some third person decides your fate: this is the whole essence of bureaucracy.” True that. Clearly at the point where I am hollering at my dog about the small-minded incompetence of certain state government offices, while simultaneously shoveling stale chocolate chips in my mouth (the only chocolate I could find in the whole damned house)–clearly now is a good time to close up shop for the weekend. Before I go, though, please do check out the newest offerings on the Canada page. Some good stuff there (thank you, Sheila!).

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. November 30, -0001 | 12:00 am


    I finished my bag of stale chic chips last night when I didn’t get on that plane heading south. Good weekend wished back at ya!