I regret that I will not be able to start our week as we usually do here at FHO. I am, as I type this, sitting in the US Air club at DCA logging the first of what will be many, many hours spent in airports over the next 5 weeks–23 out of 35 days on the road. I am in my final push to the summer when I largely stop traveling in order to have time with my girlchild. So I’m headed to Kansas City today for a hot minute to teach for the Army before I head back east to Vermont for a workshop later this week. My hope is that I will have regular posts up, but please extend a bit of latitude if I fall short. In the meantime, please read this. Especially if you are a clinician or a manager of people (yes, it’s a business article, but it is¬†relevant¬†nonetheless), because I know I could use a bit of help, and perhaps–just maybe–you could, too.

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