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Since Last We Spoke, 8/19/13

Last week officially began my Fall travel season.  Through the week before Christmas, I will be on the road some portion of every week, save 3 (and one of those is Thanksgiving). So I have front-loaded my iPad with reading material (some of which has nothing to do with work), rotated the batteries in all of my electronic accessories (noise canceling headphones, remote for my laptop, etc.) and [big sigh] put my kiddo on a plane so she can get back to school. And in the midst of it all? Some fantastic projects, including our latest Sustainability course. Naturally much (but not all) of what I’ve been reading since last we spoke is focused on that:

Ariel Castro case a wake-up call to notice violence in homes around us (ACEs Too High News)

If You Want to Lead, Start Now (Harvard Business Review)

Dara Kay Cohen on War and Sexual Violence (Harvard Kennedy School)

Of course all men don’t hate women. But all men must know they benefit from sexism (NewStatesman)

5 Character Traits You Should Show in Interviews (and How) (Mashable)

Top Ten Chart Secrets from A Nonprofit Data Nerd (Beth’s Blog)

Victims’ Dilemma: 911 Calls Can Bring Eviction (NY Times)

Beautiful Pathologies (NY Times)

Q&A: Kate Mogulescu (New York Law Journal) (Ed: she is the Supervising Attorney of the Trafficking Victims Advocacy Center)

More Nurses Advancing Their Education, Study Finds (RWJF) 

And as we get back into the wackiness of the Fall travel season:

6 Simple Mindfulness Practices to Reframe Your Perspective (Fast Company)