PEP for Prevention of HIV: When, Why & How

SAFEta is hosting a webinar, PEP for Prevention of HIV: When, Why and How. The session will be held October 16th at 2m ET. Participation is free, but registration is a must.

From the site:

This webinar is designed for the clinicians and medical directors who prescribe treatment for post-sexual assault patients. The presenters will discuss:

  • What are nPEP antivirals and what are the different medication regimes clinicians can prescribe according to patient’s history of assault and pertinent medical history;
  • How to implement nPEP for post-sexual assault patients;
  • Provide resources to assist patients in receiving the nPEP antivirals

Other health care providers and other professional disciplines who work with sexual assault patients are welcome to attend the webinar. The webinar is free and will be archived for future online viewing.


  1. November 30, -0001 | 12:00 am

    Erin Rumsey

    Is the PEP for prevention of HIV cancelled?