Sex Crimes on Campus

I tweeted a link to this yesterday, but it bears a fuller write-up here: Al Jazeera America‘s flagship show, America Tonight is hosting a live town hall program on campus sexual violence at 9pm ET on Friday, November 1st. It looks like a fantastic opportunity for some meaningful conversation around this issue, and they are asking for people to share their own experiences via Facebook or Twitter (@AmericaTonight, #campusassault). Details after the jump:

From the site:

As many as one in four women will suffer rape or attempted rape over the course of a college career.

On Friday, Nov. 1st, Al Jazeera America’s flagship program will take on campus sexual assault in a live town hall program with hosts Joie Chen and Antonio Mora of Consider This airing at 9pm EST.

With students, professors, experts and parents weighing in, America Tonight will take a hard look at the campus culture that may fuel assaults, the role of alcohol and whether colleges and universities are handling complaints of assault in an effective and fair way. The program also explores the latest research on college rapists, a large percentage of whom appear to be serial rapists. Finally, we will explore what can be done to prevent campus assaults and give voice to a growing army of activists who are working on this issue through awareness campaigns, safety programs and lawsuits.

In the week leading up to the town hall, watch America Tonight and visit our website for in-depth reports investigating campus sexual assault. Then tune in to the broadcast Friday, Nov. 1st at 9pm ET.

{Also, check out some of their reported stories on sexual violence here.}