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Worthwhile Read: Brain Injury Lingers at Least 4 Months After Concussion

Medscape has an overview of an article (recently published in Neurology), Brain Injury Lingers at Least 4 Months After Concussion, about the length of time it takes to fully heal from mild traumatic brain injury. As professionals caring for assaulted patients it’s certainly worth a read (and some ensuing discussion) considering statements such as this:

He said it was not possible from this study to give advice on how long the brain takes to return to normal. “But I would say that the current advice that the patient just sits out for a week is really not satisfactory. Our results suggest a much longer period is needed for healing. If it was my child with a concussion I would try and preclude activities that might result in another mild traumatic brain injury for at least a couple of months and probably longer.”

And this:

Dr. Mayer believes the diffusion changes seen could have potential clinical implications. “Our results certainly could have long-term implications. We know repetitive concussions increase the risk of developing chronic encephalopathy, and there is evidence that if you have had one concussion you are more likely to suffer another one, so these finding may have important implications about when it is truly safe to resume physical activities that could produce a second concussion, potentially further injuring an already vulnerable brain.”

For the concussed patient who may be returning to a potentially violent situation it certainly gives us something to consider, in terms of discharge instructions and anticipatory guidance…