Sexual Assault

PEP for Prevention of HIV: When, Why & How

SAFEta has a webinar coming up, PEP for Prevention of HIV: When, Why and How. It will be held on February 13th from 2-3:30pm ET. It’s free, but limited to 500 people so you will want to register well in advance.

From the announcement:

This webinar is one of a series addressing the National Protocol for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations of Adults and Adolescents. The National Protocol recommendations encourage prophylaxis for sexually transmitted infections, if indicated. Following sexual assault, the risk of exposure to HIV may be a patient concern and must be a priority for all clinicians. This webinar is designed for clinicians and medical directors who deliver and prescribe treatment for patients post-sexual assault. The presenters will discuss:

1.    When/What: Currently recommended nPEP antivirals and the various medication regimens that clinicians can prescribe according to a patient’s history of assault and pertinent medical history.

2.    Why: Variations in treatment regimens may be prescribed based on certain details of the patient’s history of the assault and the pertinent medical history.

3.     How: Suggestions for implementing nPEP procedures for patients who have experienced sexual assault and information on providing resources to assist patients in obtaining prescribed nPEP antivirals.