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Since Last We Spoke, MLK Day

We slipped away to Philly for a weekend of food and freezing cold. We walked (according to my Fitbit) 10 miles yesterday in said cold, so not surprisingly neither me nor my spouse feel super awesome today. We’re spending the day trying to just take it easy, because tomorrow the weather gods will apparently be unkind to the DC metro area and there’s quite a bit of snow (for us) on the horizon. So while I lounge about eating brownies and watching a marginal John Cusack movie, let me share what I’ve been reading since last we spoke:

Disk drive with crime victim data stolen from U professor (StarTribune)

What comforts targets of prejudice the most (MedicalXpress)

“She Might Have Had a Case If She Had Been Unconscious During the Rape” (Mother Jones)

Supreme Court Will Decide on Re-Arming Domestic Abusers (Ms.)

Gene activating drug shows promise for PTSD memories (LA Times)

Sexual Assault Charges Dropped at Annapolis (NY Times)

How To Do Less: A Short Guide (Fast Company)

How to Keep Fighting in the Face of Failure (iDoneThis Blog)

And finally, 12 Photos of Martin Luther King Jr. Day That Show the Dream Is Alive (Mashable)