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Since Last We Spoke, 1/27/14

With trips to 3 different continents in the next 3 months on the books (along with multiple trips within the US on the calendar) I am not complaining about my time at home. It is, in fact, the exact right time to be at home for an extended stretch, what with major project deadlines looming. I took a little time this weekend to visit friends down in Charlottesville, though, and the drive home (with me in the passenger seat) afforded me a bit of time to pleasure read. So here’s what I was perusing since last we spoke:

Doctors should ask about financial safety (KevinMD)

Why Crime Victims Need Their Own Voice in the Criminal Justice Process (Washington Post)

A New Normal: Ten Things I’ve Learned About Trauma (Sojourners)

Secret Ingredient for Success (NY Times)

3 Enemas Later, Still No Drugs (NY Times)

If You’re Not Helping People Develop, You’re Not Management Material (Harvard Business Review)

Improving Clinical Learning Environments for Tomorrow’s Physicians (New England Journal of Medicine—free full-text)

Sex and the Single Tween (Newsweek) [Ed: if you have a child this age, be prepared to feel like an awful parent. Or maybe it’s just me…]

HHS Releases Poverty Guidelines For 2014 (Kaiser Health News)

Military brass, behaving badly: Files detail a spate of misconduct dogging armed forces (Washington Post)


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I want to cast a vote for special attention to “A New Normal”. This short post is a gem of what we all need to keep in mind when offering our assistance to helping trauma victims move to being trauma survivors. Thanks so much for posting the link. I’ve already shared this one.

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