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Since Last We Spoke 2/10/14

Sorry I missed you all on Friday–I stole away for a weekend with my kiddo. I don’t need to tell you how special that kind of time is. So not much work happened this weekend. But lots of reading did–airport delays and all that leave plenty of time for scanning my Twitter feed. I thought about calling this the sexually assaulted by powerful men edition, but while my list is definitely dominated by that topic, it’s not the entirety of it. So here’s what I’ve been reading since last we spoke.

10 Undeniable Facts About the Woody Allen Sexual-Abuse Allegation (Vanity Fair)

Worth Knowing in the Dylan Farrow Case: The Actual Risk of Suggestibility With Children (Roger Canaff)

How we failed Dylan Farrow: What we’ve learned since 1992 (Salon)

Why Young Sexual Assault Victims Tell Incoherent Stories (The Atlantic)

Tamara Green Talks About Bill Cosby (Newsweek)

Daphne Bramham: B.C. First Nation teen’s suicide a sign of a system in chaos (Vancouver Sun)

Inside a Mental Hospital Called Jail (NY Times)

New law offers protection to abused Native American women (Washington Post)

The Psychology of Trust in Work and Love (Brain Pickings)

Documents reveal chaotic military sex-abuse record (AP)

Stepping Up to Stop Sexual Assault (NY Times)

Approach patients as one human caring for another (KevinMD)

Tired Nurses Are More Likely to Play the Second-Guessing Game (RWJF)

“We’ve Got Big Plans” (Cleveland Magazine)