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Intimate Partner Violence Clinical Guide

I have been working on a project for many months now. As a part of that project I have put together a fairly large electronic library on IPV. I have taken that library, indexed it and modified it for FHO readers, because that’s the sort of thing people ask for. So if you click through you’ll find the newest Clinical Guide: Intimate Partner Violence. Not everything in this clinical guide is brand new, but I have tried to balance some of the old, but relevant, with some of the newer resources and science available. While this is the most extensive Clinical Guide to date, I make no claim that it is exhaustive–for instance, the project (on which the guide was based) focused on a specific patient population, so other populations and circumstances are most certainly under-represented here. Reader input and suggestions for additions to the guide are both wanted and appreciated. Keep in mind that there is plenty that would interest the non-clinician in this guide, but it was absolutely compiled with the practice of the forensic healthcare provider in mind.

{This clinical guide is laid out a bit differently. Any citation not from a scientific journal is linked. Scientific journals are not linked. An * at the end of a citation means that the article is only accessible via subscription or institutional access. Citations without the * have free full-text access; PubMed or Google will help you find your way to those.}

A quick word of gratitude to all of the amazing people and organizations whose work is contained within this guide. You’ll notice a lot of familiar names in this. I don’t say it often, but it is true nevertheless: there are many, many excellent professionals who make this work possible, only some of whom come from the healthcare arena. Don’t think multidisciplinary collaboration makes us all better at caring for our patients? Remove all of the citations by non-clinicians and see what we’re left with.

IPV Clinical Guide

[Please note: the Word doc for this guide is not available.]

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Jen, I always LOVE and appreciate these resources. In our program, I set up an online forensic reference library with articles saved by topic headings, similar to this. When we have trainings, examiners are expected to bring current articles to present to the team, and then we upload them to the library. This keeps us learning, helps to build our library, and provides us an easily accessed resource for court when needed.

Thanks for all you do!!


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