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Since Last We Spoke 3/3/14

What can I say about this weekend, except it ended with a return of the Polar Vortex. Clearly I’ve gotten soft living south of the Mason-Dixon line for more than 3 years now. My week is completely dominated by the Army and some sustainability work, but I had plenty of down time this weekend (forced–it’s sad but I could have worked all weekend what with the spouse on Reserve duty), so here’s what I’ve been reading since last we spoke:

The Dark Power of Fraternities (The Atlantic)

Stethoscopes as Germ Carriers (NY Times Well Blog)

On Prosecutors Having Survivors of Assault Arrested: It’s Not a Zero-Sum Game (RH Reality Check)

How to Stop Giving a F*ck What People Think (LifeHacker)

5 reasons why you shouldn’t work too hard (Washington Post)

No, I Will Not Take the Men’s Rights Movement Seriously (Jezebel)

Society for Women’s Health Research Urges Congress to Examine Why There Aren’t More Women and Minorities in Medical Research (SWHR) {Ed: This is a critical issue for our discipline, as well. The fact that much of the research upon which we rely doesn’t necessarily reflect the populations that many of us serve is a huge problem.}

University of Iowa President gets personal in sex assault discussion (The Gazette)

When May I Shoot a Student? (NY Times)

Long Accused of Mistreatment, Philly Police Try to Build Trust Among Transgender People (Next City)

Troubles at Women’s Prison Test Alabama (NY Times)

And just because it’s important to remember the beauty and wonder in the small things from time to time:


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As I skimmed the titles of the articles I had to just laugh. A little “light reading” to some makes skin crawl on others. Just is funny in a sick way. Have a good week!
Cindy Menzies

Yes, I find myself making a concerted effort in my life to get away from so much darkness from time to time. We play hard in my household when we get the chance–I hope it’s true for others, as well.

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