Access to Healthcare for Vulnerable Populations

OJJDP is hosting an upcoming webinar, Access to Healthcare for Vulnerable Populations. The session will be held March 26th from 2-3:30pm ET. You can register here. Click through for details–it’s a fairly specific focus on this one:

From the announcement:

With increasing frequency youth with significant and, sometimes, highly specialized healthcare needs, i.e., pregnancy, adolescent HIV/AIDS, diabetes, etc., are placed in confinement facilities.  Facilities charged with the care of these youth need to have processes in place to identify healthcare needs and access to the resources required to effectively address these needs.  Additionally, facility staff must have a clear understanding of the federal requirements under HIPAA to protect the confidentiality of youths’ medical information, including diagnoses.  This webinar focuses on identifying symptoms related to specific health needs of youth in confinement facilities and the appropriate policy and staff level response to the needs of these youth.