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Happy Nurses Week 2014

In my haste to get my life back to normal, I almost forgot it’s Nurses Week, so a happy one to all of my nursing colleagues out there. This week marks a year since three women (and the child of one of the women) escaped from the home of Ariel Castro in Cleveland after a decade in captivity, and the local Fox affiliate interviewed the nurses involved in their care at MetroHealth that night when they were brought in.

The nurses include Elizabeth Booth, who is one of our own (shout out to the Northeast OH SANEs!), and the descriptions she and her colleagues provide about caring for the women that night and what they were feeling is one of the things that makes nursing so special. I figured it would be a good way to recognize Nurses Week this year:


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Jen- this is a wonderful way to recognize our colleagues! Elizabeth embodies what our members do every day- thanks so much for sharing- and can you please pass the tissues! A BIG shout out to the Northeast OH SANE!!

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