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Since Last We Spoke 5/19/14

Great seeing so many of you last week in Kansas City. This week I’m off to do a testimony workshop in Tucson, but not before spending a couple days in DC working on policy and response issues. Our great friends got married in NYC this past weekend, so I didn’t do a whole lot of reading, what with all the eating and merry-making. That being said there were a few things I was able to peruse while making my way home–here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Containing conflict

Caring (badly) for patients with disabilities

Love seeing my friends publishing! (Also here!)

Colleges’¬†lousy sexual assault response may be hurting them more than they imagined

A loving tribute

Positive masculinity

and a guide for talking with male feminists.

Lies American women are being fed (and swallowing)

Hook up culture is not to blame

Trigger warnings in college classrooms

Changing the narrative

Not all of our patients can access our services.