How Do Survivors of Domestic Violence Define Success for Themselves?

This is such a fascinating question: How Do Survivors of Domestic Violence Define Success for Themselves? It will be the topic of an upcoming webinar offered by the Battered Women’s Justice Project. The session will be held February 6th from 2-3:30pm CT. Click through for details:

From the site:

The Full Frame Initiative (FFI) set out to understand how people who have experienced domestic violence and others in the domestic violence field define success for survivors. FFI conducted 46 workshops with survivors and practitioners in mainstream, culturally specific and underserved communities and 12 interviews with policy makers and funders, across California. The findings call into question some of the most basic assumptions about the domestic violence field.

  • For the more than 150 survivors in this project, success is about connection to family and friends, belonging to something bigger than oneself, and creating value.
  • Domestic violence is not central to their identity, and success is not achieved through traditionally conceived pathways to safety, such as separation.
  • Practitioners, in particular, are eager to better align their program success with survivor-defined success and adjust services and activities accordingly.
  • The findings hold true across all geographies, and in both culturally specific and mainstream communities.

FFI will present the details and findings of this groundbreaking project, and share recommendations for action to improve systems and services for people who have experienced violence in their relationships.

Register for the webinar here.