DV/IPV Sexual Assault

Reproductive and Sexual Coercion Toolkit

The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance has a ew toolkit available on Reproductive and Sexual Coercion. Do not let the fact that it says that it’s a toolkit for advocates dissuade you form spending some quality time with it–this is a very thorough resource and there’s much in here from which healthcare providers will benefit.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t seem that you can download the full toolkit all at once. You have to go through the different sections (and then download individual sections of each of those, which I suppose is nice if you only want pieces of it). It’s broken down into the following components:

  1. Implementing Reproductive Coercion Assessment
  2. Understanding Sexual Coercion Beyond Reproduction
  3. Reproductive and Sexual Health Resources
  4. Sample Forms and Policies
  5. Supplemental Info on Trauma Informed Services
  6. Supplemental Info on Reproductive Justice
  7. Supplemental Info: Comprehensive Sexual Health
  8. Resources for Home Visiting Programs
  9. Resources for Healthcare Settings

I’m writing a curriculum right now that includes a module on this issue, so I’m really looking forward to working my way through this.