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Since Last We Spoke 2-9-15

I’m in Alaska this week, hanging out with some of my favorite people. As you know, I don’t work on planes (although I’m seriously productive in airport clubs), which left me plenty of time to read over this past week (if you’re playing along at home I was DCA-CLT-SAT-CLT-MGM-CLT-DCA-IAD-DEN-ANC over the past 7 days). That’s a lot of time for idle reading. I won’t bombard you with everything that caught my eye–just the most intriguing stuff since last we spoke:

Getting out of a bad place: fascinating

I wish I could purchase this as a poster



Don’t think anyone is surprised


A pretty fascinating take. Thoughts?

Silence is such a powerful inhibitor

God, I hope this is true

Grinding my teeth

“In medical schools, however, education on the issue is ‘rare and random…’”