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Since Last We Spoke 2-16-15

Sorry for the absence at the end of last week–the combination of making my way home from Anchorage and finally succumbing to the crud that’s been going around for weeks put me down for the count. But I’m back on my feet, to some extent, and the incredible cold this weekend had me happily hanging out and reading (Valentine’s Day be damned). Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Be a better listener (also, this)

The power of social media is no joke


Prevention looks good on the service academies

Anyone actually seen this?

Tweeting about sexism can enhance well-being

When grief won’t relent

Decreasing crime in the US–but why?

The school-to-prison pipeline

Lots of online backlash on the Toronto Star’s crap HPV vaccine reporting. Some of the best responses have been coming from her.

Your morning spot of uncomplicated happiness