Sexual Assault

Human Trafficking: What Every Nurse Should Know

SAFEta has a webinar coming up next month, Human Trafficking: What Every Nurse Should Know. The session will be offered March 20th from 2-3:30pm ET. Rachell Ekroos is the featured speaker. Click through for details:

From the site:

Health care provider misperceptions, competing priorities in the clinical setting, and a lack of training have all been identified as significant barriers to health care professionals’ ability to identify patients who are being trafficked. In the context of health care in North America, few organizations have formal screening practices, written policies or protocols for responding to the needs of trafficking victims. Lack of screening practices represent a critical short coming within the medical community especially considering we are referring to a population that does not typically self-identify as being victims or voluntarily disclose their victimization. For providers who have received training, the trainings are often provided by non-medical professionals and focus on awareness building or the general dynamics of the human trafficking phenomenon. Although these are important factors, providers also need guidance in medical screening, assessment, interventions and referrals. Today, we have an expert in the forensic medical evaluation of patients with histories of trafficking and exploitation who will expand on the dynamics of trafficking within the context of nursing practice.