Sexual Assault

Feel Like Some International Travel?

I don’t typically post jobs, but this is an interesting one, and I can’t help but think there might be an FHO reader or 2 interested in the gig: Physicians for Human Rights is looking for an NP or physician interested in working in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Click through for details.

From the posting:

Position Description

The Medical Expert Consultant will deploy with PHR’s program team in Bukavu, DRC for a period of at least three months to provide mentorship and basic and advanced training to clinicians on forensic medical evaluations of survivors of sexual violence. Trainings will seek to improve clinicians’ skills in connection with post-sexual violence care and treatment and to improve forensic evidence collection and documentation allowing medical providers to better support those survivors interested in pursuing accountability through the justice system. The Medical Expert Consultant will help train clinicians on the full range of elements required for comprehensive forensic medical evaluations, develop administrative processes for preserving medical documentation in coordination with clinicians at local hospitals and clinics within PHR’s network, and coordinate activities and strategy with the Police and Security Expert already embedded with PHR’s program in DRC. The Medical Expert Consultant will assure that relevant elements of post-sexual violence medical care and treatment for survivors are integrated into the existing program curriculum, presented in a coordinated way with the other curriculum components, and updated as necessary as the dynamics of the security crisis in eastern DRC evolves and/or relevant community violence necessitates.

It sounds like an amazing opportunity–surely many of you would be fantastic candidates…