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Clinical Guide: Consensual Sex Injury (Revised)

The original research grid I created on consensual sex injury while writing the book chapter on this topic has been updated many times. It’s been refreshed again, as I try to do regularly. If you want the word doc with links to the abstracts, please note it is available for purchase now at Scribd ($0.99), as it is incredibly labor intensive*. Otherwise, you can click the link to download the PDF of the research grid.

Consensual Sex Injuries revised 3-15

*Any money collected goes into the costs of hosting this site. This is still a nerdy hobby. 

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Jen, could not be more timely, I am writing a Canadian forensic nursing chapter in a guide for lawyers.. and this is one of the key things i want to make sure they know. consensual vs non consensual is an area where there MAY be 50 shades of grey so to speak. Thanks and if I want to use it as an appendix, do i get your permission.. it is a Canadian guide and taking a lot more time than I thought.. as usual. Best and hi to your daughter too, still think of how cute she was in PR.. S


Of course you are welcome to sue the grid as an appendix. Please just make sure attribution includes the website.

Glad it was helpful!


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