Sexual Assault

Since Last We Spoke 4-6-15

I hope everyone celebrating holidays over the weekend got their fill of friends, family and food. We certainly did–it was nonstop eating from Friday after work until last night. Thankfully there was a trail run Sunday to break up the feeding frenzy. Pretty quiet around our parts, happily, so while I tried to spend my downtime outside, I managed to catch up on reading last night. Here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

I love creative healthcare provision

What the right mentor can do for you

Yes to college prevention programs

What do you think: are patients customers?

With all the Rolling Stone hoopla, perhaps we should remember there have been plenty of victims at UVA

Physician burnout

New way to assess for brain injuries?

A great piece on everyday sexism: the stuff you can’t really prove

Nice to see people held accountable

Curious if colleagues in FL have seen this yet? (or anywhere else for that matter)

This is a really beautiful story…you just have to get past the [somewhat misleading] title.