Neural Mechanisms of Mindfulness and How They are Relevant to Trauma

The National Center for Victims of Crime has another webinar coming up in the neurobiology of trauma series: Neural Mechanisms of Mindfulness and How They Are Relevant to Trauma will take place April 29th at 3:30pm ET. Click through for details about this session:

From the website:

There is a growing interest in the application of mindfulness to a variety of mental health conditions. An approach rooted in contemplative traditions thousands of years, contemporary clinical and neuroimaging studies have provided insights into the benefits that mindfulness techniques can have on wide range of conditions, including survivors of trauma. This webinar will address the following issues:

–What is mindfulness? How is it distinct from relaxation or grounding techniques?

–Mindfulness and trauma: psychological perspectives

–Mindfulness and trauma: neurobiological perspective

–Mindfulness and trauma: clinical studies and evidence base.

–Incorporating mindfulness into clinical practice.