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Since Last We Spoke 5-18-15

Apologies for being absent last week–too many balls in the air, and something had to give. You understand, I know. But it’s a brand new week, and maybe this one will be a bit less hectic. I actually tried pretty hard to stay offline over the weekend, but I had some screen time last evening, and it turns out a few fascinating things were happening on the interwebs while I was tuned out and otherwise preoccupied. So here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Funny, the wife and I were recently having a related discussion

This is happening in my neighborhood and it’s magic

Surge in injection drug-related HIV cases

Death (and politics) are local

I can’t imagine anyone is surprised (or sadly, maybe I can)

What’s behind the suicides on the Pine Ridge reservation?

A 10-step technique for learning

Loved this comic/reminder

Remember this TED talk? Here’s the response…

Have you seen FORGE’s new guide to accessing therapy (PDF)–thanks, Sheila!

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