Sexual Assault

Rachel Dissell Discusses Untested #RapeKits on Fresh Air

When you work on issues like sexual assault, putting them away and leaving them at work aren’t often an option. Much of the work I do rears its head in every facet of my life, and I’m not certain that’s a complaint, just an observation, really. So it wasn’t too surprising that as I got ready to face the DC traffic yesterday, the interview on Fresh Air focused on sexual assault. But it wasn’t just about sexual assault–it was about sexual assault in my hometown, and in the state where my practice was born, by a reporter whose work I have been following closely for years. I was more than happy to succumb to the ugly that is my commute so I could listen to the full interview.

Rachel Dissell has done great work at the Cleveland Plain Dealer reporting on the issue of sexual assault in a way that’s pretty unvarnished, nothing sugar-coated or fancied up. {Consider following her on Twitter for easy access to her articles and related stories.} I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her talk about the realities of this work we do from a slightly different perspective, and very much appreciated Terry’s final question to her about the toll this work takes. Spend the time if you have a chance. There’s good work being done all over the country; some really great stuff is being done in Ohio. Just another reason I’m proud to be from the 216.